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Migration can end worldwide poverty

The migration debate being played out with a view to reducing the influx of foreigners is a sure sign of the parochial and small-minded nature of political and social discourse.

Body scanners no match for latest terror ploy: surgically implanted bombs

FULL body scanners at airports are useless against the latest technique reportedly being considered by terrorists — surgically inserting explosives inside suicide bombers' bodies — says one of Australia's leading counter-terrorism experts.

Israel to fence itself off from Egypt

JERUSALEM: Israel will build a fence along the entire length of its border with Egypt, stretching across the Sinai desert from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea.

Record US aid goes on armaments

JUST before Christmas, US President Barack Obama signed into law one of his country's biggest aid pledges of the year. It was bound not for Africa or any of the many struggling countries on the World Bank's list.

Troops set to get more protection

THE Federal Government has ordered a multimillion-dollar upgrade of protection and armour for troops and their equipment in Afghanistan in the face of escalating casualties from roadside bombs and rocket attacks.